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From one professional to another

We work with you to have your patient enrolled as quickly as possible and maintain collaboration throughout their treatment

How to get started 

  • We strongly encourage you to call and share with us your clinical considerations and to explore with us how we might best coordinate with you for the patient’s benefit.

  • If you are uncertain whether or not crisis withdrawal services are necessary or appropriate for your patient, please ask for a review of your information at any time with our clinical staff.

  • While we are happy to receive your call prior to any contact with the patient, we are also very open to a conference call with you and the patient to facilitate the referral and address and patient concerns in your presence.

How long it takes to get into treatment

  • We are proud of our record of holding the initial evaluation session within 24 hours of the referral contact whenever possible.

  • Most evaluations lead to an admission to treatment the same day.

  • Evaluations are scheduled Monday-Friday between 8:30am-6:00pm.

Collaboration on work issues and multiple treatment providers

  • The Parallax Center has a thirty year history of a close working relationship with employee assistance programs, union-sponsored members assistance programs, university counseling programs, court advocates and court diversion programs.

  • We also work closely with other treatment providers to ensure that patients remain in the care of those treatment providers while they attend Parallax Center treatment whenever possible. If because of insurance or other reasons patients are required to transfer to the Parallax Center we make every effort to discharge a completing patient to the care of their previous treatment provider.

Mandated referrals

  • We understand that some referrals may require rigorous coordination with work or judicial mandates. Please let us know how we can assist you in ensuring the best outcome when the patient is subject to third party requirements.

  • Toxicology:  while we regularly test patient urine for common substances of abuse as an inherent part of our therapeutic program, we have elected to not offer legally-admissible chain-of-custody urinalysis procedures. 

Tour our facility

Please let us know when we could offer you a tour of our midtown Manhattan clinic premises

recovery in new york
outpatient detox in midtown manhattan

Schedule an 

in-person or virtual training

Dr. David Ockert and other senior Parallax Center staff are available to present to your staff on important issues in addiction treatment. 

Recent talks have included:

"Ambulatory Withdrawal Management and Stabilization"

"The Neurobiological Recovery Model"

"Pharmacological Management of Substance Use Disorders"

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